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Successful grow lighting starts with a carefully considered lighting plan that is tailor-made to suit your specific project. A lighting plan calculates the best possible coordination of fixtures, reflectors, patterns and distances between lights and crop. This requires a thorough analyse of various factors, such as the desired light level, the light distribution, the most effective lighting height, the greenhouse structure, irrigation, screening and heating.
What combination is the best?
As light specialists, we can provide you with detailed advice about the ideal combination of all these factors to ensure that you will achieve optimum light yields with as few fixtures as possible. Using computer software that was developed specially for PL Light Systems, we are able to calculate the achievable light level and the actual light distribution.
The ‘Explanation of Lighting Plan’ always applies to PL Light Systems lighting plans. This explanation describes very clearly, what information was used as the basis for generating your light plan.

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Light plan

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Please sketch in any spaces, e.g. the location of the shed, basin, TE-installations and paths in the plan. In the case of more complex spaces, please include the plan

scheme1 scheme2

Heating pipes, irrigation pipes etc. affect the uniformity and lightlevel. Please sketch in the exact locations and their numbers


The lightplan is designed on the basis of the available information. We are not liable for any laking data. Please enter the location and the number of obstacles above.

To the lightplan (drawing + computer calculation) the "Explanation lightingplan", the Metaalunie Conditions and supplementary guarantee provisions of Hortilux Schreder b.v. apply.