New Visual Identity

Beamsville, July 2016 – P.L. Light Systems’ introduces new visual identity.
The Lighting Knowledge Company.
P.L. Light Systems, North America’s leading horticultural lighting manufacturer, has introduced a new visual identity that creates a vibrant, modern look and feel, while still supporting their brand platform of “The Lighting Knowledge Company”.
The iconic new logo features a light prism made up of a series of spectral colours. “Light is clearly the core of our business at PL Light, but for us, the concept of horticultural lighting extends way beyond just the light fixtures themselves”, explains Lisa Jansen van Rensburg, Marketing Manager at PL Light Systems. “When lighting a growing facility, we take a multi-faceted approach—always considering the unique lighting requirements of a particular application. The solutions we provide needs to deliver optimum crop growth and yield.”
The new logo is also representative of the spectral tuning capabilities of the newer lighting technologies. Todd Phillips, General Manager at PL Light Systems adds: “Rapid advances in LED technology are creating unprecedented optical design freedom. LED lighting systems like our new HortiLED products allow growers to tune their lighting to specific spectral colour combinations—each specifically designed to elicit the desired plant response.”
The new identity will officially be unveiled at the Cultivate ’16 tradeshow in Columbus, Ohio (July 9-12, 2016)
For further details, contact Lisa Jansen van Rensburg, Marketing Manager, at 1.800.263.0213 or

About PL Light Systems
As a recognized leader in the research and development of horticultural lighting products and technologies for more than 40 years, PL Light Systems has built a solid reputation for delivering the very best horticultural lighting systems for indoor growing applications.

For each lighting solution, they provide a comprehensive light plan to ensure optimized crop growth through adequate light penetration and uniformity to the crop. In collaboration with their parent company, Hortilux Schréder, they are heavily invested in ongoing research, new developments and improvements to their lighting solutions in order to remain at the forefront of innovation and technology in the horticultural lighting sector.