Light technology for nurseries

Suppliers of cuttings and young plants need to supply their customers with plants that are as uniform as possible. Therefore, a uniform light distribution is very important. It is not just the light distribution at the top of the crop that matters but also the light penetration into the crop. Using 600W fixtures there are 40% more light points in the greenhouse than with 1,000W. Moreover, the use of electronic fixtures makes it possible to achieve an even light level in the greenhouse all year round. PL Light Systems offers seedling nurseries a guaranteed light level for each area.

Cuttings for cut flowers
Light level between 60 and 130 µmol/m²

Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
Light level between 60 and 80 µmol/m²

Processors and seed companies
There are often very specific requirements and wishes for each area or climate chamber. PL Light Systems and Hortilux Schréder has a great deal of experience with lighting installations for processors and seed companies throughout the world. Which means that we, more than anybody else, are able to put together a sound lighting plan with the right light levels, light distribution, light penetration, light colour and control light.